How to Change your Gmail Password

Please use the following link for a step by step guide on changing your Gmail password:

Step 1 Open the Gmail website in your browser and sign into your account


Step 2 Click the Gear button. You'll see this in the upper-right corner after loading your Gmail inbox.


Step 3. Click settings


Step 4. Click the Accounts Tab and Google Account Settings


Step 6. Click Signing in to Google


Step 6 Click Password


Step 7 Enter your current password if prompted


Step 8 Type a new password. Click the Eye button to view the entire password as you type it.

  • Strong passwords contain letters, numbers, and symbols, and they do not contain any dictionary words or information that can be easily guessed.


Step 9

Click Change Password


Step 10 Sign back into Gmail on any of your devices. You'll be signed out of Gmail and your Google account on any device that is currently signed in (such as your phone). You'll need to enter your new password any place that you use Gmail or your Google account.